Sunday, November 17, 2013


Well - we started this journey about a year ago.  This week - on Wednesday - we will take our calves to the sale here.  I follow a page on Facebook that is made up of Ranch wives and women all over the U.S.  Someone posted last week about loading their calves up and becoming very sentimental about it.  I guess I am a little hard hearted.  I love seeing the babies and have really enjoyed watching them grow, getting to know them and all the little quirks (except for the "jughead" we have that is an IDIOT!) but I don't think I will be crying on Tuesday morning when we load them up.  It is part of the circle we find ourselves in when raising cattle.  I pretty much saw each one of these calves as a newborn and even watched several of them as they were born!  But I also always knew they would be going to the sale when they were weaned and old enough.

These are pictures from about a year ago ...

I was such a novice and knew absolutely nothing this time last year.  I am still a novice and certainly do not know everything but I have seen and had to experience some events that helped me grow.  I love this part of our lives and would not trade it for anything!

This was a week or so ago - feeding creep feed at the trough ...

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