Saturday, March 15, 2014

Babies, Babies, Babies ...

For those that were around when I started this a little over a year ago, you might remember our calving season started the first of October and ended the last day of February - a looonnnnggg 5 months.  It created some interesting scenarios as we had calves of varying ages and weights.  When getting ready to wean calves and prepare for the sale, the desire is the group be fairly uniform.  Obviously - that was not really the case with ours, although when they went to sale, they were more uniform in weight than I thought they would be.

This year - our first calf was born on February 6 and we really were hoping for a 30-45 day calving.  We didn't quite make it as we still have a few calves yet to make their appearance.  We are much closer though.  The calves have all been born with little issue and are fairly uniform in size and appearance, although there are some color variations.  They are beautiful and seem to all be doing well, which is really nice as we lost several last year.  That makes a big impact on finances when the calf crop is a source of funds for growing the operation.

Unfortunately, this year, I have not been able to be there when they were born or spend as much time with them as I would like.  Somehow, that full time job keeps interfering with my time at the ranch.  It is good that my spouse has been able to be here this past month and has gotten to spend time out there (he missed a lot of it last year with business travel).  Saturday is really my only day to get to spend much time out there but didn't get to go out today.

Here are a few pictures of the babies this year.  Love getting to see them and several of them are so curious that they walk up to the truck when we drive through checking on them.

Someone on a facebook group I follow asked me to write about how we ended up here.  It will be a repeat for some, but I really never get tired of telling it.  Also - if it encourages one person to follow their dreams, no matter what age or stage of life, it is worth it!  More to come ...