Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bookkeeping ...

The next learning curve to be conquered is the bookkeeping for our business.  Now this part I truly enjoy.  I took an accounting course when I was in college and struggled with the class.  I finally went to the professor to get help and managed to come out with a B in the course.  Then many years later, I took a beginning accounting class to help me understand some of the responsibilities of my job.  I loved the class and took additional classes with the thought of possibly pursuing a second Bachelor.  In taking these classes, I found that I have an aptitude for accounting.  But doing homework for a class or taking a test is a far cry from handling the bookkeeping for our personal business.  I worry about making mistakes in the accounting and causing a huge mistake in taxes or creating more work for our accountant or horrors - bringing on an IRS audit!  We purchased Quick Books and I tried to begin learning how to use the program but soon found that it was more complicated.  I looked around for a class that would provide a basic foundation to begin using the program for our own books.  I found one through our local junior college.  It has been interesting learning the accounting again and the program is actually very user friendly once you understand how it works.  I have to work through getting all our information input - that's a huge job - but it is one I truly look forward to working through.  An interesting side note - I begin a new job on Monday and they use Quick Books for their accounting so hopefully the class will not only be beneficial for our personal use, but might also be useful in the new job.

Hey - thanks for checking out the blog.  I truly appreciate folks stopping by!