Wednesday, September 2, 2015

God's Hand

God's Hand reaches down to me, His child
I'm here He says, soft and mild
Rest your head for a while; let the heartache and pain slip away
God's Hand holds me tight as I close my eyes.

I sometimes wonder if He knows or cares,
But what I don't see are the tears in the jar.
He collects them all,
He sees the pain, He knows the cause
He has plans for me even when I don't think I can go on.

But for His plans to work, I have to be willing~
Willing to let go of my will
Willing to let go of the anger
Willing to let go of the hurt
Willing to forgive
Willing to be used by Him for His glory

If I'm not willing to open my hands and heart and let go,
I don't have hands free to accept what He has to offer!
His plans are to make me Holy - not happy.
His plans are to give me peace - in the middle of the storm.
His plans are to heal my broken heart and bind up the bruises.
His plans are for me to forgive others, because He has forgiven me.
His plans are for me to show His Love and His Heart to others.

He has lavished such love upon me, forgiven me of every sin - however dark and hideous it might be, and taken my punishment upon His flesh through Jesus' life and death on earth when He had the right to be the King;

How can I say "No"?

God's Hand reaches down to me to lift me up;
I have to open my hand to reach out to Him.