Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Beginning

My husband and I relocated to east Texas at the end of April.  The reason we agreed to move was to possibly begin the realization of a dream that had been all but abandoned. My spouse's grandfather had cattle and a piece of land just north of the small community where he lived. "Orb" instilled a love of the land and a desire to be able to have a cattle operation in his grandson. However, it was not just his dream. I also had a love of the land and a desire to have cattle and land to use as the beginnings of a "ranch". In our 30 years of marriage and life, we had just about given up on ever being able to see that dream come to fruition. Through circumstances that can only be called Divine, that dream is beginning to become a reality. God brought so many things together this past spring and summer to allow us to begin the process and we are grateful for His hand on everything.

We purchased the land at the end of August. 135 acres that has beautiful grass, trees, a creek that runs through the middle, ponds already built, barn with pipe pens - it had everything. The interesting part of this story is that we looked at this parcel of land over a year ago. We really didn't think it would still be available when we moved out here this spring. But it was still availabe, so we began the process of purchasing the parcel. It took much longer than we anticipated but once again God shows us He is in control of every detail. We had to delay doing anything to the property as the previous owner needed some extra time to move equipment, etc. and get his cattle moved. We were so excited the day we closed! We immediately drove out with a friend (who also happens to be our banker!) and drove around the place. For this city gal - it was like a dream but it was real! I was so excited!

So many new things to learn and some refresher things to relearn - names of grasses, plants, trees;, fence building; checking cows for injury, sickness, and new calves; tractor driving 101; and so much more. Oh and bookkeeping - yep - learning QuckBooks so hopefully I can be helpful in this new endeavor!

More to come but here are a few pictures ...


  1. So happy for you. Look for the little add on for people to sign up to follow your blog. I will follow through my blog:http://www.dwebbclan.blogspot.com/

  2. Didn't realize this was you Allison! Couldn't see it on my phone. Love you blog. Please tell your stepson "Thank you" for his service! It is appreciated.

    Hope you are doing well. Good to see you on here.